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Big Pharma is making big moniez

February 6, 2011

Something of interest:

I went to pick up my prescription for citalopram (30mg, 50 tablets) and on the receiptit said the unit price : €31,82

In the UK, using the generic, it would have cost the NHS £4.68 (BNF Sept 2010). Even Cipramil from Lundbeck is slightly cheaper than this!

Dear Ratiopharm, wtf?!

Thankfully I only had to pay €5 in prescription charge, so the cost doesn’t affect me directly (sorry Krankenkasse/NHS) but I’m still shocked at how much it cost!!

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  1. February 7, 2011 10:29 am

    OMG, that’s expensive! Does insurance pay? I hope so. I take citalpraom too, but have never seen how much it costs.

    • February 7, 2011 8:13 pm

      Yep, it does. So I only paid 5€, but the cost will end up being transferred back to the NHS in the UK, which is a bit poo – considering how much cheaper the prescription is in the UK!

  2. Ms Leftie permalink
    February 7, 2011 7:27 pm

    This is part of the reason I avoided trying to track down a doctor when I was in Stockholm last August to get some Venlafaxine after I forgot my own because of the prices compared to the UK…

    • February 7, 2011 8:12 pm

      You don’t have to pay the full price though, just the prescription costs (unless in Sweden everyone pays the full price!)

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