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Beastly Birthdays, Filthy Flatmates and Holy Heck, I’m moving in a week and two days!

June 12, 2010

I’m currently sulking, for many reasons. The first being that I’m 20 on Tuesday and I don’t want to be getting old; the second is that my wardrobe is progressively transforming into ‘serious’ can be worn for work clothes – dull colours ahoy; the third being the World Cup and my flatmates therefore hogging the kitchen. Don’t mention the Vuvuzelas, I can hear their hum from a TV across the quad and nothing else. Dire straights.

For my Birthday, my parents decided to get me a new watch, out of the blue and all, they thought it would look smarter than my current Baby G watch I’ve had since I was 11 and am exceptionally attached to. So I unwrapped it and found the face was too big, so we went along to Swatch in the Bullring to have a mosey, and I have some now in mind to swap it for, so I’ll go back tomorrow when I’m not so shocked. My Dad has gently reminded me too that I can have more than one watch; I seemingly fail to grasp this concept! There are two criteria for this watch: it must be bright coloured and funky. I have my eyes on one with a dinosaur on. No-one will beat me into agedness and having to have sensible or boring jewelry! My three favourites are: this is my favourite, so will probably get!

or but I’m not so sure of the last one!

Aside from the watch dilemma, I just got some books and cake, which I will be having some of later (they already opened it and sang as my dad wanted some!).

My flatmates are filthy, my mum cleaned up a little whilst she was here and they’ve only gone and made it dirty again, as you may be abke to tell they are not in my good books! And the fact that they’re hogging the TV whilst Wallander is on, which is a big enough crime I hope you will all agree! What? You’ve never heard of Wallander?! The Swedish Version is airing on BBC4 currently and I’m pretty engrossed in it! All I can currently hear is ‘aaww’s’ as something goes wrong and those bloody Vuvuzelas.

Finally, the beginning of the end feeling is settling in. My parents took away the majority of my stuff today, so it’s all rather scary! I have a week left here in Brum, with some people I will never see again, which is sad, and with some others that I will, but I’m still really, rather nervous. I have the fear, needless to say.

Lastly, and I swear this is the end, I got discharged from Psychiatry yesterday. Shame it wasn’t because I’m better, but because I’m moving. When he said you’re being discharged it felt like a kick in the teeth; I don’t feel ready for it. I’m not ready, or as ready as I thought I was. My mood has come tumbling down this week, and I hope it will only be a blip. I don’t want this to continue, as the thought of this sluggyness combined with everything the move will entail is too much to think about. I can’t believe I’m moving so soon… Can someone please stop time?!

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  1. June 13, 2010 10:21 am

    Hey, I can sympathise on so many levels.

    1-Twenty is NOT old, okay-I felt the same way when I got to twenty, but believe me you look back and wonder at how you could ever imagine it was “getting old”, you have a lot of young years ahead of you, apart from which, age is a concept, Parts of me still feel like I am seven at times, amazed at the wonder of the world…Okay, sometimes I also feel, like 107, after a hard and disappointing day! LOL.

    2-I just got discharged from the homeopathic hospital, it does feel like a lifeline (or a comfort blanket) got taken away. But you are strong, and if you need to find a therapist elsewhere you will, and maybe they will be better, it is all a journey.

    3-Uni coming to the end is pretty traumatic, no doubts there. I was one of the last to leave and watched as each day more people I knew were gone..I said to one friend it was like going over the top in a trench war, each day, there are a few people less…BUT..some of the people I met there remain the most closest friends I have, we have moved on, but we are like family. I have also just got back in touch with a whole bunch of them via facebook, catching up has been a delight, full of surprises, like the guy who was set to become a farmer and is now a Head Chef producing wonderful chocolate confections!

    4-Flatmates can be gross…at least, uni ending will mean less grossness!!

    And, finally, Wallander…repeated Thursday night on BBC4…if football clashes, they will have to miss the game and watch a bit of cutured well written drama instead. Just a bunch of overpaid people kicking a ball about for 90mins and still failing to score or win…woooo, that’s exciting! To conclude, I have been kind of kicked out of my favourite pub for the duration, they have a big screen, I made my thoughts quiet clear…didn’t go down too well!

    Good luck with the watch selection.

    • June 13, 2010 11:34 am

      I’m getting Wallander on iPlayer right now… I need my fix! Totally agree about football, not my thing and I don’t think I could sit through something that boring for a whole 90 mins! It isn’t the Beautiful Game!

      Hopefully in final year I’ll live with my friends and it will all be clean!

      • June 13, 2010 5:13 pm

        That’s if they manage to actually score in 90 mins, otherwise they give them yet another half an hour to try! No, never been my sport of choice, can not see the point of it, bores me after about 5 mins. Maybe they should just have a world cup penalty shoot out, they could wrap it all up in a day!

        Seriously, hope I did not ruin your Wallander viewing pleasure by posting on my blog today.

      • June 15, 2010 12:25 am

        Wallander was unaffected I think!

  2. June 14, 2010 12:35 pm

    Moving is stressful, so I’m not surprised you are feeling a little scared. Being discharged is also scary and destabilising, so that can’t help.

    You will get through it though and I think you are ready.

    I hope you have a great birthday. You definitely aren’t getting old yet. It’s weird – when you graduate you suddenly become younger in a way as you become the baby again. Instead of being the oldest at school or uni, you become the youngest at work.

    Good luck for Germany too, although I hope I’ll be in touch before then!

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