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The Cliff

April 15, 2010

He steps closer to the cliff edge; you want to know what he’s thinking. His face is one of not just someone you love, but of unreadable expression. It’s windy and raining, all our hoods are pulled right down to leave a slit for the eyes… but I want to know what is going on inside his head.

Are they similar thoughts to ones which have occupied my head in the past, those that I  am currently rid of? I can’t read minds, I can never tell correctly, maybe he is just enjoying watching the sea. Yet we’re standing metres, maybe even centimetres from a memorial. “To my lovely mother” in child’s handwriting. It brings it back around.

I liked Flamborough Head, where this was taken.

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  1. April 18, 2010 10:05 pm

    that was beautiful (the picture and the writing)

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