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April 2, 2010

I love being home, I’m just feeling a little put out. I feel I’m never home long enough to see people as much as I want or to do everything I want. I guess that’s what happens when you otherwise live elsewhere. I wish these days could last forever… but I know they can’t. Times have changed, there are other people I miss now too; those who I would otherwise see on a daily basis at uni. I feel hither and thither and all of a flither and don’t quite fit in. But I love being home.

I went to see Amy Macdonald last night, she was brilliant. I just feel a bit empty now because I’d been looking forward to it all week (I only found out she was playing on Sunday!) and I haven’t seen friends enough, but because they’re still here next week, they’re all making plans to do things, but I won’t be here. I’m going away, then going back to uni. They all have longer holidays, too, which doesn’t help matters.

I have wasted today, too. I got up, and then we decided to reinstall xp on the other laptop; this was at about 1pm. It is now 6pm, and I’m fed up. I’m the only one that knows what to do and the only one left in the house now. I can’t move upstairs to my room because the other laptop’s battery is kaputt so needs power constantly, and I’ve had to input things at times, so I can’t just leave it.

I woke up this morning fed up, and I’m sure I shall continue to be. I am Scrooge.

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