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My Body

November 7, 2009

There are times when not feeling horridly self conscious about my body would come in useful. Like, frequently, seeing as I can’t be bothered to explain why I feel so uncomfortable to the girl I’m seeing. It’s a shame, really. It kinda kills things as that takes over my mind, instead of what we’re doing at that moment in time. That and tally killing any libido I may have, not that any of you probably wanted to read any of this.

So I’ll change the subject.

This week has been fairly disasterous, uniwise. I’m sitting here planning an event for my society next week and firing off emails, researching etc and also being boxed in by books. I really need to get organised. I need to actually start doing work in the day, and not taking every single social committment by the horns! I think I’ve been out late every day this week, so I don’t want to get up, or do work in the day. I’m silently planning my agenda for this weekend and the current week: it’s reading week for the French part of my course, so I will have lots of time and therefore I can clear this mess and hopefully start revising/learning stuff. It may be early, but some of my courses are horrific work wise! You need an encyclopaedic brain knowledge of everything that’s happened in French politic between 1945 and well, whenever we stop. So far, it’s a lot about De Gaulle. He was charismatic, y’know? My french lecturer is also in love with him and Général Massou. See, I learnt like 2 things so far this year! So that’s where I disappeared to: I (shockingly) had a life. The medical ctr also lost my hospital referral, but I now have it and have an appointment to be prodded by the haematologisits later this week. I’m not looking forward to it, and have invited my mum to the appointment, forgetting one piece of info: she doesn’t know I’m on medication. That could be interesting…

Well now I need to eat and buy stuff in a non- compulsive manner. Happy Saturday!

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  1. astrid permalink
    November 7, 2009 8:32 pm

    Hi there,

    I just discovered your blog couple of days ago and this post made me smile.

    De Gaulle et Massound l’afghan – passionnant !

    I am French and I am really please to hear that some british people have to learn about our history 🙂

    Enjoy !!!

    • November 7, 2009 10:48 pm

      It’s part of my degree- I study French and German, so I have to learn history!

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