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September 8, 2009

There is no return

You will be plunged into a deep, black hole

Prepare for take-off.

I went to Alton Towers today, managed to ride all the rides and get wind burn from the speed! On Oblivion, as you are loading there is a kind of monologue trying to scare you and I wish that I wrote it down, as it seemed to explain what’s happened so well: the unexpected can always happen. I wish there was an instruction manual to walk you through everything; to walk you through the bad days, deep depressions and whatever else, to give reassurance that it will all work out in the end.

Things seem to be quite nicely falling into place, so maybe the manual won’t be needed for me after all. I received a call earlier this evening from my counsellor just checking the appointment date, and somehow it’s made me feel more relaxed; I don’t know why as I already knew we had an appointment, but perhaps it’s the realisation that in 2 weeks I will be back in Brum, back to living independently and stuff. 2 weeks seems so close, so close it could be here… but has made me realise how much I still want to do whilst I’m home, and how much stuff me and friends want to pack in before we all split our separate ways once again. I know my time to leave is coming: my favourite bars are getting crammed with people again, buses busier and friends beginning to drift off. I know I’ll miss here once I’m gone, that’s inevitable, but I think I need a challenge again. A challenge to live, learn and love; Manchester cannot offer me all of those things, sad as though I am to say that.

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