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Kate’s Travels Pt2: Budapest

August 26, 2009

I’ve been to Budapest before, so I haven’t really bothered to go to the main touristy bits. I went mainly for Sziget, a music festival and it was GREAT!

Somewhere over Manchester

Trabi gegen Drogen- Paint the Trabi to support Anti Drugs Campaign (I don’t know how to translate it :/)

My contribution to the Arcadom Freedom Wall- a wall you could decorate  to celebrate 20 years since the Austrian- Hungarian border opened leading to the eventual fall of the Berlin Wall.

Where I thought I was… but it turns out I wasn’t… so I got a bit lost!

Én vagyok! When I’m lost I take random picutres, including ones of myself…

A stream I came across in Városliget (the city park)

Part of the lake near a building/museum in the park

Heroes Square

I would like to think that this trip has helped my confidence- I spoke Hungarian on occasion and was understood and I also got to take responsibility for my own travel- on the plane but also when I went to Városliget on my own for the afternoon. I think sometimes I just need to go for it and see what happens, this time I did and I really enjoyed it!

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