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Thinking about what could have been and other London based ramblings

June 21, 2009

For ages I wanted to study at UCL, and to an extent I still wish I was there. Don’t get my wrong, I love my University I’m at, but, well, I really love UCL. The reason I’m not there, or didn’t even apply is because my parents wouldn’t let me: they said London was dangerous and too expensive; to an extent I agree- my friend studies there and she says it can be frustrating at times but dangerous? Well everywhere has its ups and downs. Thing is, it’s probably the only time I’d ever be able to live anywhere close to the centre of London and I really do love London. See, there’s practicality and dreams. What’s brought all this up again?  A trip to London, to the sort of areas where I’d be living and studying and I love it too much. The parks of London, the achitecture, the places… everything. I would actually love being there, it’s my kind of place: green but close to places, too. Not to mention how close everything is on foot, so public transport isn’t really required. Birmingham is different, I live in the city and it’s a trek to anywhere green. London is amazing, that’s all I can say, use to justify my answers. I’ve always dreamed of living in London, and I suspect it’s a dream I’ll have to crush; the outskirts don’t do it for me, only the posh kind of places do, the places I can’t and won’t ever be able to afford. The pursuit of happiness can hit monetary walls it seems.

I also learnt something in the British Museum (for once): the average person is prescribed 14, 000 pills in their lifetime. That’s quite a lot, but thinking about it, it seems more likely to be true: this figure includes painkillers, injections and things like the contraceptive pill etc. Maybe it is true then…

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