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Once you stop, you just can’t start

June 20, 2009

(and the only reason I’m writing this is because I have no ideas for a fathers’ day card!)

All week I’ve wanted to write, but I’ve either not had time or when I’ve had time I’ve not felt like doing anything. But now I have, now I am home. Straight out of student land and into Real Life. This week has been quite good, though; not just what I’ve been doing but appointments wise too. My doctor has given me 2 months worth of Tally, and then for the third she would like me to see my GP up here, or if need be to ring her; this won’t be a problem however because when I’m in Brum I’ll go and see her. I don’t like my GP here…

Then, later that day, I had counselling; we talked about my needs and how I need to be more forceful in getting them across and how I should tell my mum when I want to do something different etc. I told her about summer and she has since rang to tell me that I’ll still be able to see her after summer, so yay!

Therapy on Wednesday was a bit of a wash out; we didn’t really I do anything, just sort of caught up over the last 5 weeks. I’ve asked her if I can work with her on a more long term basis, instead of hanging around and waiting for the CMHT to do whatever; she agreed and said that would be fine providing things don’t go to pot again (which was the reason I was originally referred for). I’m seeing her in August, which means that I’m seeing someone on average once a month: Psychiatrist in July, her in August and counselling rebegins in September. Sorted. All of this is a relief and such a weight off my chest, I’ve been worrying for a while and these developements mean I can at least start the summer in a good mood!

I just need to keep the balance; work and play.

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  1. June 20, 2009 10:37 pm

    Nice one. Hopefully with the support in place you will have a good summer xx

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