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Hometown Glory

May 16, 2009

Being home is weird, people you vaguely recognise from years past and you can’t go out without seeing at least one person you know; primary school, high school or college, they’re all there. At Easter I went out with some friends from college and outside the club some of the twits from high school who used to bully me started talking to me like I was their best mate. Totally don’t get it. Anyway, what’s brought this on is more randoms shouting my name and waving across the street. Don’t have a clue who they are; it’s like when I’m walking along head down and then someone goes ‘Hi Kate’ and I didn’t recognise them at all. I find it so odd, compared to the anonymous city of Birmingham where I do bump into *some* people but it’s not on this scale, and if it was, then it’s justified; I’m at uni now and these are current people! Maybe I’m antisocial, who knows? I just find it strange that’s all and a tad unanonymous. I guess I wanted to get away from this in the first place, that’s why I was so desperate to get away…

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