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Letting people in

March 31, 2009

I’ve lent a few people keys to inside me today; firstly my doctor in a thank you card, my counsellor and Gracie.

I decided to give my doctor this link because I trust her and I wanted to give it her (I could ramble again about it’s a shame she’s leaving and blahh but I’m sure I’ve written about that enough!); I told my counsellor about the weekend and the general hell that ensued (it all began because the room was really hot and I didn’t want to take my jumper off because of the artwork created at the weekend) and then we got talking about my state of mind and why I’d done it. The plan came out, followed by lots of other drivel and stuff. Highly interesting, shame she prefixes every question with “I’d hate for you to feel I’m prying…” Well, you’re not, considering that it’s your job and all? We talked about why I wear so many bracelets too… she had thought something was up and well, she’s obviously not noticed that I wear them all the time, and she wouldn’t know that they’re not on the arm I decide to sculpture on. I was perplexed about why it was so much lighter, until I realised something obvious: clock change! Duhh. Brain manual restart required.

Finally (end of essay!) I met Gracie for coffee and we talked; she’s amazingly upbeat and I wish it’d rub off onto me! I hate talking about me, me, me though… it always feels like it lowers the conversation when I bring myself up… but it was still lovely!

Now I need to do some body building so that I will actually be able to get to the station tomorrow. I have 5 bags and counting; anyone wanting a laugh needs to be at Birmingham tomorrow for some fun… why oh why do I have so much stuff?! (I’m considering a repack of clothes- I’m not gonna need 6 pairs of jeans am I? I have to take walkingy stuff too, which is the problem. Some of it may be left at home, and when my parents drop me back off, some stuff is definitely going home with them. All to hopefully make it more organised for summer when all hell is going to break loose (how on earth am I going to get everything home is probably the best question!)

5 bags and counting; bugger!

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