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My flatmates

March 28, 2009

Today, I cried for the first time since I got to Uni, all the way back in September/October. And the reason? Their rudeness, their messyness and a smashed egg on the cooker. That’s right, an egg thrown on the cooker pushed me over the edge and made me ring my mum in a sodden mess. It’s an egg, goddammit you stupid girl. I’ve pretty much had enough of them in terms of how they treat me when alcohol is involved; maybe I’m being harsh but so often I feel cast aside: Invited and then forgotten. So, I’ve built my own path, got ready to go my own way, got my own friends. But seemingly because I don’t have sex with them all, go out with them all the time they think I’m odd. Am I hell as like? They are everything I hate about students, last night I got to blend the two lives together. Them and my friends. Messyness and relaxed fun. I had a great night without them, but now my there’s tension for some reason. Tension because I’ve shunned the popular crew? Well ha, I can do what I want and have my own life; you don’t need to lead it for me. I can fight back, and I will.

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