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The speed at which things happen

March 12, 2009

Well, my referral to the CMHT has gone through, and it’s for next Thursday. I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so quick, considering yesterday the CBT lady/MHW said we’d draft a letter next time we met (in 6 weeks’ time!). So, I have that to look forward to.

I’ve had a call off my doctor, too, to tell me this (which was quite a good job, seeing as if I hadn’t picked up I would have got the call from the CMHT before her!). So, it seems all guns are go, I just hope they want me!

CBT lady emailed me today with the Home Treatment Team’s number, hopefully I won’t need it, but at least I have something with a little more sustenance in it…

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  1. March 12, 2009 7:00 pm

    Glad your finally getting some proper support in place. Hope the appointment with the CMHT goes well.

    Take care,

  2. March 13, 2009 6:37 am

    Yay! I’m glad that things appear to be moving quickly to organise you a better a level of support. x

  3. March 13, 2009 9:05 am

    Thank you both x

  4. March 13, 2009 12:20 pm

    Woo, I also have my first appointment with CMHT next week, mines Monday, so we’ll have to compare notes! Mine took 2 months though, and that was alledgedly a crisis referral, so I’m jealous…

  5. March 14, 2009 12:00 pm

    That is very quick. I hope they do accept your referral. Hannah X

  6. March 14, 2009 6:27 pm

    Well I’m hoping that when I pitch up, they still realise who I am!


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