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Brum by night

October 1, 2008

The view from the 20th floor:

It’s not actually the centre, it’s spaghetti junction at the back, but I don’t care: it’s pretty!

My sleeping pattern is really, really screwed up, and I’m finding myself not being able to sleep until 4am… good work body clock! Today’ll be my 5th day here and it’s going alright. The people are good but increasingly I’m finding it hard to keep everything together, and to not listen to my head when I’m alone, and I’m getting really paranoid. I’m glad I’m here and not at home, though. This is an amazing experience and I’m having a lot of fun still which is great! Also, the flat aunties are really supportive and keep making me get involved when I’d otherwise be in my room trying not to hurt myself, which is what is happening the rest of the time.

I got to the medical centre and I’m beginning to hope they may be slightly more efficient than they let on. Okay, they may have binned my docs notes he sent because I wasn’t properly registered at the time, but the nurse has booked me in for a double appointment with the doc on thursday to discuss all. Also, they have a full time mental health worker there, so that’s good. She also said if I got bad tomorrow (or today?) I can go down and request to see her. Fairly efficient, but maybe I’ll learn about waiting lists and decide maybe not after all!

The “medical” went quite well, all in all. I’ve got a BMI of 21.9 and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Obviously, it’s better than when it was about 17, but it makes me feel bad. I feel guilty about it, and I wish I’d said don’t read out my measurements and things, because I sort of foresaw this happening! I’m in no state to start cooking really nutritious food and eating lots of fruit and no chocolate, so the ready meals will stay and hopefully the exercise I get from walking around Birmingham, which is surprisingly hilly will pay off! I’m a 10 minute walk at most to the city centre, which I am loving! Everything is there (except for big 24 hour supermarkets! I used to live right near one in Manchester so was used to being able to shop whenever, but alas not here!).

Hopefully all the ravers from ‘urban flavas’ are inside now, so I’ll be able to sleep; the window is only single glazed and people talk too loudly outside so it’s a bit of a problem! Back to my bed in the party flat of the tower…

EDIT: Or maybe not. We just had a 2 hour fire alarm evacuation. They check every room in the building, and if you’re found to be still in there, it’s a £170 fine. The fire alarm is horrific, not just noise but also a really bright flashing red light, and I’m feeling really scared, purely because loud noises scare me and that was amazingly horrible. (I also passed out through hunger part way through camping out in the rain waiting for them to check the place…) Apparently when there’s one, there’s another 2 to come… nooooo!

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  1. October 1, 2008 4:48 pm

    Youve got a good view from your place. What on earth is a flat auntie? But yay for you getting a new patient medical and the GPs starting to get there act together. Hannah X

  2. October 1, 2008 5:15 pm

    It’s a trek to floor 20 though, I’m on 5th! A flat auntie is someone who’s a 2nd/3rd year who looks after us in the first week, makes us all meet together (and makes us all sesh, even when he says we’ll relax… we have a really hyper guy who’s pretty funny!) There’s a whole army of them and I think it’s really helped everyone settle in: he got everyone out of their room in their first day and now makes sure we’re all okay and getting involved with things! It is a really good idea tbh.

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