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The Sims’ Guide to life: day two!

September 15, 2008
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Day two was eventful and I’m feeling really rather low. Let’s see how it compares to my sim-ometer:

(I haven’t bothered to photograph my works today, I’m not feeling creative enough).

Hunger: Couldn’t be bothered eating a lot, and was quite busy with things so I kind of let it slide…

Comfort: Nike 6.0’s, comfy… yay!

Energy: Lacking even though I slept well

Fun: Not much, alone at work; not been out with people in an age now.

Social: bumped into Dan and talked a little to people at work, but not feeling in the mood to.

So, well I guess it’s sort of half and half: I’ve not exactly fulfilled my meters, but it’s not been terrible. See what happens tomorrow… more work, yay!

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