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So maybe, just maybe.

September 13, 2008

Maybe things are going to be okay.

This all counts on a few things: having the guts to ring my uni’s medical centre to send me the forms I need to register, so my current GP can send my stuff down there and get me referred to somewhere or other. Which is good, and it, somewhat shamefully, wasn’t even me who did this. It was the counsellor from ‘that place in town’ who said to me last night if I gave my permission she would, and I’m glad she did: the most switched on person I’ve seen, as of yet, and I’ve only seen her 4 times. Which upsets me a lot: she was fantastic, just wrong timing and all. I could get very misty eyed here, but I won’t. I’ll run back to my duvet and hide under it, because the happy feeling I had when I picked up my voicemail that made me dance around work being very jolly has disappeared, totally, and I’m left with the reminder of why I need this.

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