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Give me a reason

September 2, 2008

Today is in the air
Again another incident that just went off
No way this time I will not take the blame
It´s pretty obvious who need to shut up
Ashtrays filled with the fruits of our transgression
Here and there sarcasm overflows
To stay I´ll need this sitcom to be re-run till I get the gist of just how it goes

What would you have me do

Give me a reason c´mon now make my day´cos I´m out of cheeks to turn the other way
Ask yourself just how lucky do you feel.

Somehow I´ve been blindsided by my own kindhearted notion of just who we are
No doubt we´d have collided anyway with the indicted and you raising alarm
First roud I´ll take my bows into my corner take my vows regroup and run back again
Bloodhound and off no better pedigree than what you see so you could not offend
Did I act like a fool cos I didn´t know what to do when you gave me just a little bit more than I barganed for a little too much in my hands when my hands are tired

It´s the ultimate fling to go frolicking licking the muck from the soles of the boots of your pride everytime you lied

Gime me a reason c´mon now make my day
Spoken my pleas now someone gotta pay ask yourself just how lucky do you feel

can you give me a reason movin into grey something I can hold on to at the end of the day
Cos I cant´t move on till I now what´s the deal

This is how I feel right now: that I should be given a reason for everything that’s happened. The reason why I’m about to lose my job, that everything is about to fall through. I just spoke with my guide leader, and I just wish I’m going off to uni well. Instead, I’m quaking about what the hell I’m going to do, what’s going to keep me going, who’s going to look after me. I know deep down I have to do this for myself, but I can’t bear to leave Manchester quite yet. Yes, I have another 3 weeks to feel better about this situation, but I honestly can’t cope. I can’t do socialising and I can’t drink, which is going to make explanations fun:

“why can’t you drink?” then I reply: “because I will be obliged to try and kill myself, whilst you try and stop me”. I sense a conversation killer, there. The “medical reason” never seems to wash….

This is the song:

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